1. What You Should know about Venetian Plaster


The most asked questions, the most important topics and everything you should know about Venetian plaster, also called polished plaster or marble plaster.


What is the difference between ordinary plaster and Venetian plaster?


The main difference between quality Venetian plaster and ordinary (gypsum) plaster is that Venetian plaster is made of lime putty and marble dust, while gypsum or multi finish plaster is a composite material, made mainly of gypsum. While polished plaster and other decorative plaster finishes are used for interior decoration (walls and ceilings) as the final finish, multi finish and other plasters are only used as a base for further coats of paint, decorative plaster or artwork. Multi finish generally comes in one colour and once it dries gets slightly pink, and off-white, while you can select and tint decorative Italian plasters to achieve the desired look and colour.

They are also applied differently and have a different lifecycle; Venetian plaster is a beautiful material with the ability to last for hundreds of years!


How is Venetian plaster applied?

You apply Venetian plaster using specialist tools, like a trowel or spatula and then either polish it to create a smooth, glossy finish (to create a mirror-like, polished plaster finish) or you leave it as it is if you’d like to have a rougher, more natural appearance similar to stones that exist naturally or were made by people. You also need to make sure to use the appropriate primer and protector, depending on the type and look of the plaster. You might have noticed that the application and appearance of decorative plasters like Venetian plaster can vary widely, depending on their composition, application and if they are tinted. The only attribute they all share is that they are hand-applied in thin layers to create the final sophisticated, multi-layered look on ceilings and walls.



What are the benefits of Italian plasters?


Venetian plaster is a natural, inorganic (mineral) product derived from limestone that is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties. It is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with allergies.

Additionally, many Venetian plasters can either be applied outside or can be made water-resistant. If you protect it with the right Venetian plaster protectors and wax, these decorative finishes are easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Marble plasters are also a great way to add luxury and classiness to any space. The look, feel and even the touch will create a feature wall and environment that you, your family and friends will admire!


  1. Is highly polished Venetian plaster the only look traditional Italian plaster finishes can produce?


No, not at all! Traditional polished plaster is only one of the looks that can be achieved. By using different tools and techniques during the application, as well as by experimenting with different colour combinations, we, at Art Decorating studios can produce for you a wide variety of finishes. Some popular Venetian plaster finish types include: distressed, banded, pitted, smooth, polished, stone, antiqued and marbled. Art Decorating solutions can produce all of them, from a rugged look to polished marble, on walls or ceilings; please order one of our sample boards or book a consultation! We can even create updated forms, like metallic finishes.



Polished plaster or Venetian plaster

The main difference between polished plaster and Venetian plaster is that polished plaster is a type of Venetian plaster, with a polished, marble-like look although it is sometimes interchangeable, depending on the location. So, if you are looking for a traditional Italian plaster finish, your best bet is to go with real, lime plaster-based Venetian plasters.

However, if you are looking for a more specific finish, such as distressed polished plasters a banded finish or polished marble, then you might want to specify that when you contact us!





– what’s the difference between them and which one should you choose?


We find or develop a fabulous Venetian plaster finish for you!


How is Venetian plaster different from stucco?


Stucco is a material that has been used for centuries to provide a smooth, decorative finish on a wall or ceiling and a durable, weather-proof coating for exteriors. It is made of cement, sand, and water and is generally applied quite thick. While stucco is very durable, it can crack and chip over time, therefore sometimes it is reinforced with materials like lath, mesh, acrylics or glass fibre.

It can be mixed with pebbles and other aggregates for a rough look. Traditionally, Stucco has also been used for sculptures and as an artistic material, either to provide a smooth transition between surfaces or to create reliefs. Venetian plaster was also used in ancient times, first as an exterior finish and then as a lightweight, interior decorative feature, but it is a fundamentally different substance to stucco. The key difference is that Venetian plaster was always meant to be used as a noble medium to replace or imitate stones and marbles and not as a filler or structural element. Italian marble plaster is applied only on a thin coat and is purely decorative.


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Is Venetian plaster good for bathrooms?


Venetian plasters are great for bathrooms as they release any absorbed water and humidity over time, thereby regulating it. In case you would like to have a completely waterproof finish, we will use the right type of primer and protector (wax or resin) and you will have a beautiful, long-lasting finish that will resist mould and mildew.




Does Venetian plaster crack?


Like any other material, if not applied correctly, any polished plaster or other material from the Italian plaster family can crack.

That is why it is important to request the applicator to apply an anti-crack coating before putting on the plaster and burnishing it. Once the system is applied correctly, however, it is very strong and durable.

Please make sure to contact us at Art Decorating if you need advice regarding the surface, material, method or the supply.






Can Venetian plaster be applied on fireplaces?


Yes, Venetian plaster can be applied to fireplaces.

However, it’s important to note that you should not have it applied directly to heat sources such as radiators or inside a fireplace. If you’re interested in using Venetian polished plaster in your home or business, be sure to consult with us to ensure that it’s the right choice for your space.




How much does Venetian plaster cost in the UK?


The cost of Venetian plaster in the UK varies depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered, the state and type of the surface (wall or ceiling), and the range or type (marble, burnished, rough, etc) of finish that you choose. However, on average, Venetian plaster costs between £50 and £120 per square metre, including supply and fitting.

Additionally, it’s important to emphasise that Venetian plaster or polished plaster should be applied by a professional, with experience in the industry, in order to achieve the desired results. If you’re looking for an affordable and luxurious way to improve the look of your home or business, Venetian plaster is the perfect option for you.



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