The application of microcement is done by a multi-layered craft process and, therefore, the price per m2 varies significantly depending on:

The size of the work
This makes it possible to amortize the costs of starting, interrupting and drying to a greater or lesser extent.

For this reason, the costs are reduced for large works and with them the price of microcement per meter2.

If applied to walls or floors
The placement of the microcement will be faster on the walls than on the floors. Despite the fact that a fiberglass mesh is usually installed in floors, which is not usually applied to walls, the greater ease of distribution of the material in the floor makes the price per meter2 of smoothed microcement a little more economical.

Cloth size
Therefore, the number of corners and meetings requires additional training.

A larger cloth, lower price / m2 in the application of polished microcement.

The type of base on which the microcement is applied
If the base is uneven or prone to cracking, more layers will be needed.

On finer and more stable bases, polished cement will be priced lower.