Can you use microcement outside?

In the hot season, more and more people are preoccupied with the exterior design works meant to beautify the space around the house, and the microcement is attracting more and more attention. Very nice appearance, brightness, strength and quality – these are just some of the reasons why microcement is chosen when it comes to exterior design. Microcement guarantees maximum versatility, as it can be applied directly without the need to remove the materials covering the outer surfaces, regardless of their type.

Due to the action of environmental factors, over time, terraces, house facades, stairs, swimming pools and gardens end up being visibly damaged. In order to renovate these spaces and to ensure a greater resistance in time, it is recommended to use microcement. Clean, very resistant, with anti-slip and elegant properties, microcement exterior design projects are preferred in many situations. Microcement prevents moisture from spreading, improving the durability of floors, even in high humidity environments, such as gardens or swimming pools.
Another reason for the popularity of microcement is the diversity of colors and textures that can be chosen. It can be used microcement in both modern and classic style arrangements, due to the fact that it can be extremely easily adapted in both situations. Also, the terraces and pavements in the exterior design projects with microcement are ready in a very short time, because the material is applied quickly and easily, regardless of whether it is a porous or smooth surface.