Can you microcement in bathrooms or wet rooms?

Regarding the use of microcement in bathrooms , for floors, walls, showers or washbasins, this material gives a very modern look.

Depending on the preferences of each person in terms of style of arrangement, the microcement can be combined with certain elements, to obtain an industrial or minimalist design in the bathroom .                          

There are several reasons why microcement is considered the perfect solution for bathrooms .

From an aesthetic point of view, microcement is a material that can be easily customized in terms of finishes and colors. And in terms of practicality, microcement is a 100% waterproof material thanks to it’s resinous components, perfect for surfaces exposed to moisture and water, such as those in bathrooms.

In addition, microcement can be applied over any type of bathroom surface .

Also, the surfaces covered with microcement are easy to clean and resistant to stains, which means that a hygienic environment can always be kept in the bathroom .                

A quality microcement has exceptional technical characteristics, as well as impermeability.

However, the correct assembly of the microcement must also be taken into account, which contributes to the preservation of this characteristic.