Why you should use microcement in wet rooms!


About microcement:

Microcess is a continuous decorative coating of a mixture of cement, synthetic resin and selected sands. Allows you to cover large surfaces of floors, walls and swimming pools without the need for joints, the only expansion joints that will need to be respected will be those of the building structure. A renovation with microcess does not imply a significant increase in floor weight (less than 0.01 kN / m2)



Microcement in bathrooms,

-benefits of microcement in bathrooms

It’s not hard to imagine some of the properties of microcement now that we know what it is and how to use it, right? There are a number of benefits to this material that are worth reviewing individually so as not to leave us:


Suitable for floors, walls and ceilings… And without joints! Microcement allows the creation of continuous surfaces.

High resistance to bumps, scratches and chemicals.

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