• Grey metellic paint bedroom design
    Metallic paint – an important tool in interior designWhat exactly is metallic paint?

Metallic or metal effect paint is a paint that falls into the category of decorative paints that create material effects, in this case, giving the appearance of metal.
This aspect is due to the fact that the paint contains a certain amount of metal, aluminum or pearl which, in the presence of light, reflects a more or less intense metallic sheen.

Metallic paint has no limits in terms of styles:

It recreates the well-known effects of silver, bronze, gold for classic, romantic or contemporary interiors;
It can also wear non-colors such as gray, black or intense colors of blue, indigo, red, which makes it suitable in modern or industrial styles.
It can be applied to any surface, both walls and furniture, doors or other decorative objects.
It is a washable, easy-care paint that can be applied with a brush, stencil or even with a flat iron.

Why choose metallic paint?
Whether we admit it or not, we are drawn to all that glitters and iridescent: sequins, gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, the attraction is almost instinctive.

Golden luster is associated with wealth and luxury, silver luster with purity and clarity, blue luster with light reflections in water, bronze with stability and strength.
We want to find these emotions at home and for this reason we choose metallic paints instead of non-metallic ones.

In which room can you apply metallic paint?
Metallic paint suits any room.
If not as a star, at least in small doses of sensuality and feminine attraction.

In the living room , in golden and copper colors, it suits noble interiors, bringing richness, intensity and depth to the walls and creating warmth and well-being. In shades of gray, it suits loft apartments or minimalist style.

Metallic paint is all the more seductive the more irregular the surface it is applied to, thus allowing the light to play.
The more irregularities, the more angles and reflections that lead to more visible effects.

In the bedroom , golden or bronze luster are the preferred ones, bringing with them warmth, romance, a state of safety and confidence, a feeling surrounded by the stability and beauty of precious metals. They fit both classic styles, but also patinated or romantic styles, such as bohemian or shabby chic.

In a bathroom , metallic paint contours very well in shades of blue, creating subtle continuities with the glint of light on the surface of the water.
But, metallic paint is not only for walls, it can be applied to any surfaces, offering the same effects.
Thus there is furniture paint, lathe paint or decorative paint:

On a front door , metallic paint sets the tone for the home and invites the imagination to look beyond the entrance.

With a golden finish, the lathe becomes precious with provocative decorative effect. Being a washable paint, it is equally suitable for high traffic areas such as entrances and hallways.

On the furniture , the metallic sheen brings romance and invites the viewer to relax.
A patinated application is recommended, with the effect of the passage of time and historical flavor.

On wooden frames , or on a photo frame or a mirror frame, metallic paint ennobles the product and will make it stand out.

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